LightGuard SystemsIntroducing LIGHTGUARD’s Next-Generation IRWL DuraFlash

LIGHTGUARD’s Next-Generation IRWL Offers Increased Durability, Water-Resistance, And Pedestrian Safety

Revolutionary seamless in-roadway light design simultaneously illuminates pedestrians and warns motorists for increased nighttime crosswalk traffic safety  

SANTA ROSA, Calif. (March 11, 2020) — San Francisco North Bay Area crosswalk safety and traffic calming device tech leader LightGuard Systems® Inc., (LIGHTGUARD) announces that it has begun shipping V1 of its next-generation Smart Crosswalk in-roadway warning light (IRWL) fixture DuraFlash featuring high-intensity flashing amber LEDs in a seamless water-resistant, ruggedized polyurethane exterior housing. V2 of the same model will include a revolutionary non-flashing white Surface Mount Pedestrian Luminaire (SMPL™). DuraFlash Plus (V2) is scheduled to launch in Q3.

DuraFlash-LGS-M10 In-roadway warning light photo

DAYTIME – Amber Warning Lights

The first-of-its-kind DuraFlash™ IRWL is sleeker, offers more safety lighting features than any other similar product of its kind while offering unsurpassed durability in harsh roadway environments. DuraFlash™ promises a higher level of pedestrian safety inside a crosswalk at urban neighborhoods, cities, airports, school zones, parking areas, campuses and private facilities using its Smart Crosswalk™ system controllers, LED border-enhanced warning signs, and pedestrian activation devices that work in sync to alert motorists to pedestrians inside a crosswalk.

NIGHTTIME – 2-in-1 System with Amber Warning Lights & White Pedestrian Luminaire (U.S. Patent Pending) 

“We’re excited to offer customers a more ruggedized, all-weather roadway warning light,” says LIGHTGUARD President Michael Harrison. “In-roadway warning lights are longtime proven to be the most effective way of alerting motorists, and soon we will be able to light-up the pedestrian as well. The best crosswalk warning solution just got better.”

Key features include:

  • Ruggedized polyurethane exterior in a seamless, water-resistant housing
  • High-intensity LEDs with custom-engineered optics for precise focused light output
  • Enlighten1 flash rate reaches a primitive part of the brain that elicits a response to danger
  • Surface Mount Pedestrian Luminaires™ (SMPL) gently illuminate the pedestrian as they are inside the crosswalk at nighttime

DuraFlash™ Plus simultaneously warns motorists and illuminates pedestrians at nighttime

DuraFlash™ Plus simultaneously warns motorists and illuminates pedestrians at nighttime

The first generation DuraFlash M10 is now shipping to customers everywhere. The second generation DuraFlash Plus with SMPL is scheduled to launch Q3 2020.

First showcased in 2018 at AAAE in San Diego, CA, DuraFlash in-roadway warning lights are installed across the roadway before the crosswalk. As pedestrians enter the crosswalk and pass between a pair of bollard sensors, infrared light beams detect their presence—activating a chain of automated silent and visual communications between the motorist, the pedestrian, the pedestrian activation bollard, and the DuraFlash light fixture embedded into the pavement. Once activated, the amber LED portion of the light fixture flashes, warning motorists up to 1,000 feet in advance. The white LED SMPL portion of the light fixture also simultaneously energizes via photo cell activation at nighttime.


About LightGuard Systems®:

For twenty-five years, LIGHTGUARD’s—pioneers in traffic safety and category creators of lighted crosswalk systems—has helped cities, municipalities, schools, traffic safety and transportation engineers build safer crossing environments for pedestrians, students, employees, the elderly and disabled. Customers choose LIGHTGUARD for its easy-to-install, robust, reliable and cutting-edge-technology systems, better pedestrian safety outcomes, and a safer, more effective public safety traffic calming method. In a study conducted by Whitlock & Weinberger Transportation Inc., April 1998, LIGHTGUARD’s systems increased driver yield rates to pedestrians from 20 percent to 95 percent in the evening.

LIGHTGUARD’s solutions include:

  • Lighted safety systems for crosswalk and pedestrian crossings
  • Automatic (sensor, radar) activation and manual push button devices that trigger a lighted crosswalk warning/control system’s blinking lights
  • Robust system controllers, data collection, storage and management devices
  • Flashing LED pedestrian, stop, yield, school zone and other signs
  • Flashing LED Sign and Rapid Rectangular Flashing Beacon (RRFB) systems

Contact: Sharon Hustwit, Director of Marketing

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