T6 Automatic Activation Bollard - Pedestrian Detection Device

T6 Automatic Activation Bollard – Pedestrian Detection System

 LightGuard Systems LGS-T6 Automatic Activation Sensor Bollard Product Spec

T6 Automatic Activation Bollard - feature callouts

Our next-generation T6 Automatic Activation Bollard is more attractive and offers more safety lighting features than its predecessor—and any other similar product in the industry. A new, customizable lighted logo/graphic embellishment and 24/7 courtesy light softly illuminates and calls pedestrians’ attention to the lighted crosswalk entrance—inviting them to a safer place to cross the street.

Features & Benefits:

The Gateway Bollard System — Invented by LightGuard Systems®

The crosswalk entry ‘gateway’ is created by two opposing bollards which are installed at least 1.5’ – 4’ (feet) from the curb, and as wide as possible at the crosswalk entrance. As pedestrians enter the crosswalk, passing between the two bollards, infrared light beams detect their presence and automatically activate the system. Due to this, no pedestrian action is required. Bollards activate Smart Crosswalk™ in-roadway warning lights (IRWLs), LED border-enhanced warning signs, and RRFBs.

The T6 bollard’s infrared light beams are directionally sensitive and activate only as pedestrians enter the crosswalk. Subsequently, no pedestrian action is required. Bollards have a range of sixty feet, contain vandal-resistant stainless steel fasteners, and user-adjustable sensor orientation and sensitivity levels. BlockSafe™, a feature of the FailSafe™ system, ensures continuous operation—even if the infrared light beam between two bollards is blocked. FailSafe™, our proprietary default operating mode, triggers a blinking pattern that remains on until the system signal or blockage notice is cleared.

NightGuide™ Crosswalk Entrance Lighting 

NightGuide™ contains 12 internally illuminated LEDs—providing a courtesy light that “invites” pedestrians to a safer place to cross the street. NightGuide™ is continuously on both night day.


The new T6 Bollard is compatible with all Smart Crosswalk™ system components, LED lights, solar systems, controllers, RRFB’s, radar and other wireless ITS systems, but offers its fullest capabilities to customers using the complete Smart Crosswalk™ in-roadway warning light pedestrian safety system with flashing LED signs.


Because of its automatic activation and the fact that it is virtually impervious to false activation, the T6 bollard is an ideal solution for public crosswalk safety at cities, airports, school zones, parking garages, campuses, airports and private facilities. It is sold as an automatic activation method option along with  Smart Crosswalk™ in-roadway warning light systems, flashing LED signs, solar and wireless sign systems, and other pedestrian safety products offered by LightGuard System.

Why Automatic Activation?

Studies show that manual activation is only used by approximately 60% of pedestrians—leaving as many as 40% of pedestrians exposed without the benefit of  lighted Smart Crosswalk™ system.

General Specifications

Maximum distance between bollards 40 feet
Power consumption 2.5 Watts
Operating temperature -20° to 80°C
Operating voltage 10 VDC to 14 VDC
Exterior color White; custom colors available
Outer enclosure material 0.125″ aluminum
*NightGuide™ light color Amber
Custom lighted graphic Requires a .BMP graphic; fees apply
Dimensions 42” height; 8” diameter
Installation Mounts via concrete anchor bolts


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