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System Controllers

AC & Solar Lighted Crosswalk System Controllers — from LightGuard Systems

Controllers function as the “brain” of the Smart Crosswalk lighted crosswalk system. Users are able to set-up and adjust the activation timing of the flashing LED lights, monitor the system, capture data and more. A fail safe feature automatically warns users of any system malfunction.

Pictured: basic controller with lockable weatherproof cabinet at left and advanced controller at right 

Available in AC, solar and wireless solar operation, our controllers accept activation signals from manual push button devices, and passive pedestrian detection devices such as bollards, remote activation devices (RADs), and motion detection sensors. Automatic pedestrian detectors only initiate the flashing sequence as pedestrians enter the crosswalk, not as they are exiting.

When the system controller is activated it sends a signal to the system, initiating the Enlighten 1™, wig-wig (RRFB), or custom flash pattern of in-roadway warning lights (IRWL), flashing LED border-enhanced warning signs, and/or RRFBs. We offer several types of controllers:

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