Push Button Device -

System Activation for Lighted Crosswalks

The Smart Crosswalk™ system activation device initiates the Enlighten 1™ flashing light sequence alerting motorists of pedestrians entering the crosswalk. These devices are of two types: automatic activation by infrared light beam technology and push button manual activation.


Manual Push Button Activation

LightGuard Systems® Part Number: LGS-PBA

See PDF of Push Button Activation Spec SheetLightGuard Manual Push Button Device

Manual Push Button Activation Device
•ADA Compliant
•Easy Electrical Connections
•Easily Mounts To Existing Poles
•Available With Multiple Placards
•12VDC Operation (Down To 9VDC)
•Supplemental Amber LED Illumination
•Comes In Pairs for Both Sides of Crosswalk

Available with multiple MUTCD compliant placard styles such as Braille, left and right facing pedestrian figure, directional arrow, text only, and custom audible voice message or sounds upon request.[/collapsible_item]