LightGuard Systems SmartSense Touchless Push Button

SmartSense Touchless Push Button

SmartSense™ touchless push button sign upgrade kit helps reduce the risk of exposure to contact viruses by decreasing potential cross-contamination from one of the most commonly used public devices: the crosswalk push button.

SmartSense™ uses IR technology to activate a crosswalk PED-walk cycle or LIGHTGUARD lighted crosswalk with the simple wave of a hand. This device was designed to helps cities, municipalities, and state health officials fight COVID-19 and the spread of most viruses capable of being contagious on surfaces for minutes or days. 

SmartSense™ touchless crosswalk push button with hand wave graphic - LightGuard Systems
SmartSense™ touchless PED push button helps reduce pedestrian exposure to contact viruses commonly found on public surfaces

The SmartSense™ sign mechanism mounts in a compatible push button station, or to a pole near existing push button devices. When pedestrians reach out to press the button, the proximity sensor detects the pedestrian’s action and engages the touchless mechanism to the call signal, and then to the crosswalk controller before pedestrian contact with the button/switch.

SmartSense touchless push button is ideal for use with any LightGuard Systems (LGS) in-roadway warning light, RRFB, or LED border-enhanced warning sign system. It also can be used as an adjunct activation method along with most other manufacturer PBA stations at public crosswalks and controlled intersections.

SmartSense™ touchless push button station mount and pole mount images - LightGuard Systems
Pole Mount
Station Mount

The LGS-PBA-SMART is a short range infrared proximity sensor kit that connects in parallel with existing pedestrian detector push button mechanisms via a relay to send a call signal to a crosswalk controller. It supplements the LGS-PBA manual push button.