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10% Off Entire Crosswalk Warning System with Bollard Activation Purchase

T6 Automatic Activation Bollard - feature callouts

This limited-time special on the LightGuard Systems (LGS) T6 Automatic Activation Bollard system begins Feb. 1, 2021 and ends April 30, 2021. A discount of 10% applies to the entire purchase price of a new LightGuard Systems lighted crosswalk that includes LGS-T6, a new controller, and IRWLs, RRFBs, or LED lighted warning signs on qualifying quotes/orders. Quote/orders require 50%/50% payment terms and need to be confirmed by LightGuard Systems before 5/1/21. This offer is subject to change at any time.

Sale Models & LGS Part Numbers:

LGS-T6 BollardStandard White10% off system MSRP


Additional fees associated with customized branded etching of the lighting element located on the front of the bollard using customer’s logo; and custom paint color other than standard white. Shipping costs are not eligible to receive any discount and are excluded from this promotion.

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