Pedestrian safety at school zones with LIGHTGUARD's lighted crosswalks

Pedestrian Safety at School Zones

A recent study by Safe Kids Worldwide indicates that as of 2015, approximately five pedestrians died in school zones each week. As city populations continue to increase, traffic safety officials, local government and school administrators are working together to implement traffic control strategies to decrease the distractions, and preserve student, driver, and pedestrian safety at school zones.

School Children Crossing with Guard

LIGHTGUARD’s lighted traffic control warning devices are an essential component of a community’s public safety strategy. Our highly configurable flashing solar wireless warning sign, RRFB and in-roadway warning light systems encourage good behavior for both the pedestrian and motorist within the school zone. 

Featured Installation

Pasco, Washington

Project Summary_School Zone Safety_Pasco WA

Location: N 24th Ave. & W Sylvester St., Pasco WA 

Type: School Zone Safety Project

Funding: Safe Routes to School

Project Size: 4, back-to-back 30” x 30” school crossing & 4 down arrow signs, 2 RRFB-F (front-facing) back-to-back with 2 RRFB-FS (front & side-facing), 2 audible push button stations, 1 AC/PCU

Client: City of Pasco, WA


School Zone safety in Pasco, WA is enhanced using LIGHTGUARD’S Rectangular Rapid Flashing Beacons (RRFB). Here, a hard-wired RRFB school crossing sign system on N 24th Ave. & W. Sylvester St. warns motorists in real-time of school children inside, or waiting to cross the crosswalk. To enhance the safety of school children and pedestrians at approximately 6 locations inside city limits, the City of Pasco wanted to find a solution that would not only enhance public safety, but also increase driver yielding by giving motorists ample time and sufficient warning at vulnerable mid-block crossings. This project was funded with Safe Routes to School funds, and is on-going with in-roadway warning lights, flashing LED signs and RRFB systems installed throughout the City of Pasco since 2007.


An effective, budget-friendly, scalable traffic calming safety system that’s proven effective at alerting motorists up to 2,000 feet in advance of a crosswalk. Rush hour traffic, school children excitement, low visibility at night, and other visual roadway distractions created the need for a highly visible, high-intensity, RRFB school zone warning system. Additionally, a 365 degree array of flashing lights was desired for maximum visibility to  approaching motorists. Audible push buttons alert pedestrians when the system is activated, assisting the impaired, and creating an easy-to-use, accessible public safety solution.

Solution 1:

4, 30” x 30” School Crossing Signs & 4 Down Arrow Signs

Our S1-1-30-FYG-P static school crossing and down arrow signs were used at school zone mid-block crossings where additional visibility of school children was desired. MUTCD compliant, our S1-1 signs easily mount to standard poles with included tamper resistant hardware.

Solution 2:

2 RRFB-F & 2 RRFB-FS, Back-to-Back

Our RRFBs were used to improve driver yield rates at this school zone mid-block crossing. Once activated, an attention-grabbing irregular flash pattern (WW+S) alerts motorists to the presence of pedestrians waiting to cross, or crossing inside the crosswalk. LIGHTGUARD’s RRFB is visible up to 2000 ft. at nighttime and is MUTCD compliant. The RRFB mounts to 2” to 12” diameter poles using standard 3/8” diameter hole sign mount brackets with stainless steel straps, both provided. RRFBs are available in both front and front/side-facing models, which can be mounted back-to-back for a 365 degree array of flashing lights.

Solution 3:

2 Audible Push Button Stations
The LGS-PBA-Guardian push button is MUTCD & ADA compliant. When pushed, it triggers an audible alert—letting pedestrians know that the flashing RRFB systems are activated. Push buttons can be used alone, or as an adjunct activation method to passive activation bollards.

Solution 4:

1 Advanced Power Control Unit Standard Power Control Unit (PCU)LIGHTGUARD’S LGS-PCU-AC has the ability to monitor, store and collect data, such as time, date, and crosswalk activations in each direction. It accepts call signal inputs from push button and/or passive pedestrian bollard sensors, and motion detection devices. It can be programmed to turn on automatically at a specific time, and then revert to standby mode for normal operation. An instantaneous battery back-up provides power in the event of a power failure. Available with multiple upgrade kits for AC or DC beacons, constant AC output, constant DC output, and audible notification.