Pedestrian safety at parking facilities with LightGuard's trafffic safety systems. Featured Project: Trace Lofts Condo, Seattle WA

Pedestrian Safety at Parking Facilities

Pedestrian safety at parking facilities is paramount to public planners, municipalities and facility managers. Studies show that as many as one in four pedestrian-related accidents occur in parking lots. Of these, about 20% result in severe injury or death. Facility owners, managers and designers are constantly seeking ways to minimize pedestrian accidents.

Pedestrian activated in-roadway warning lights and sign — John Wayne Airport, Orange County CA

Where conflicts between vehicular and pedestrian traffic exist, our highly configurable lighted warning solutions are used to emphasize the conflict point(s) and improve visibility and safety.

Featured Installation

Trace Lofts Condominium, Seattle WA

Parking garage exit with IRWL lights & custom signage

Flashing in-roadway warning lights, motion sensors and LED pedestrian approaching warning sign — Trace Lofts Condominium, Seattle WA

Project Summary—Trace Lofts Condominium, Seattle, WA

Year Installed: 2007

Type: Parking Exit Safety

Design Engineers: HNTB

Project Size: 5 In-Roadway Warning Lights, 5 Steel Base Plates, 2 Motion Sensors, 1 LED Flashing Pedestrian Approaching Sign, 1 ECP Controller


Trace North and Trace Lofts buildings are located on 12th Avenue in Capitol Hill, Seattle. Trace North was built in 2007 and Trace Lofts was converted from an old sewing machine warehouse into loft style condos. The two buildings contain 142 units – 100 in Trace North and 42 in Trace Lofts. The goal:  to provide enhanced safety for pedestrians on the sidewalk located in front of the parking garage exit from vehicles exiting the parking garage onto the street.


A warning solution that alerts motorists as they are approaching the exit; passive pedestrian detection with the ability to sense objects in motion in front of the parking entrance.

Solution 1:

9X LED LightStar In-Roadway Warning Light with 14″ Steel Base Plates

5 LightStar™ In-Roadway Warning Lights (IRWL)

LightGuard Systems provided 5 IRWL with high-intensity LEDs that give advanced warning to motorists as they exit the garage. The IRWLs flash at the Enlighten1 rate, which is photosensitive epilepsy safe. The client selected 14” steel snow plow resistant base plates that house and protect the IRWL. MUTCD compliant, IRWL are a proven method of increasing driver awareness up to 95%. Highly flexible, IRWL are an ideal traffic calming pedestrian safety solution at parking garage exits, at-grade walkways, and building entrances.

Solution 2:

2 Motion Detectors on Building Exterior

Our motion detector was selected as the activation method due to its compact design and passive pedestrian activation. It detects objects moving towards it with broad range sensor detection up to a 110° viewing angle of 70 feet wide and 50 feet deep. When objects approach the motion detection device, the IRWLs and other system equipment is energized to operate. Ideal for enclosed spaces such as parking garages, entry/exit zones, or applications needing generalized, non-directional smart sensing capabilities. Its compact form offers a low-profile aesthetic for building exteriors.

Solution 3:

1 Flashing LED Pedestrian Approaching Sign (custom)

LightGuard provided a custom 18” x 24” flashing LED-Enhanced Pedestrian Warning Sign designed to be hung from the ceiling, directly in front of the exit. The sign has 4 LED light bars, each containing 12 LEDs — for a total of 48
high-intensity, eye-catching lights. Visible up to 1,000 feet, LED signs help to increase motorist yielding. Trace Loft’s LED sign activates via passive detection motion sensors, and flashes only when a pedestrian or object is sensed.