LightStar™ Signal Head -

“LightStar™” Patented Dove Prism Technology

LightGuard Systems® Inc.
Part Number: LGS-9X
See PDF of LightGuard Series 9X Signal Head Module Spec SheetSeries9X-C Signal Head Module

Our newest technology is our System 9X LED “LightStar™”. The LED signal head module meets requirements of the Federal Highway Administration Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (FHWA MUTCD) for In-Roadway Warning Light (IRWL) enhanced crosswalk systems.

The unit features a watertight cable connector, a clear metal-clad acrylic prism lens, solid-state electronics, and sealed LED modules. Our “Debris Fee Self Clearing™” design eliminates most issues relating to lens blockage.

The signal head is designed to tightly fit into the protective base plate. It is easily connected to the electrical cable system wires with snap together, water tight connectors. The interior of the signal head unit is designed with double redundancy, isolating the solid state LED modules from roadway moisture and corrosive intrusion. The signal head unit is fastened to the base plate with stainless steel socket head 1/4″-20 screws with thread locks and anti-seize compound applied to the threads in the factory.

Typical IRWL system use employs several signal modules on both sides of the crosswalk in each traffic lane and at the edge of the road to define the shoulder of the road. The signal head lights are flashing at the Enlighten1™ flash rate operating at a 50% duty cycle. The flashing light beam can easily be seen in daylight from 200 to 600 feet and in night time over 1500 feet away.

Warranty and Maintenance

LightGuard Systems® Inc offers a three year conditional warranty on all its in-pavement signal light modules. The IRWL systems can operate on either solar and/or AC power supplies. Maintenance on the signal head only requires the removal of 4 bolts, a plug to disconnect, and is lifted out of the base plate. Each generation of signal head module is designed to retro-fit into older system base plates.

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