LED Enhanced Signage

Flashing LED Signs

LED Enhanced Signage are an easy, economical way to transform dangerous crossings into safer environments for pedestrians and help cities and counties reach their Vision Zero goals faster. They reinforce existing traffic control measures by alerting motorists in advance of pedestrians inside a crosswalk.

Eight bars containing 96 flashing amber LEDs—more than any other illuminated flashing sign of its kind in the market—provide real-time warning of crosswalk activity and are ideal for use at public parks, school zones, facilities, airports and parking structures.

Used alone as a lighted warning system, or as an enhancement to our Smart Crosswalk™ in-roadway warning lights, Flashing LED Signs are powered by solar or wireless technology and conform to MUTCD national highway sign standards.

W11-B LED Border Enhanced Sign with Down Pointed Arrow

W11-2 Flashing LED Pedestrian Crossing Sign

Our Signs can be activated by push button, automatic activation bollard, Remote Activation Device (RAD), or other 12 VDC relay methods.

They are available in standard 30″, 36″, or 48″ sizes. Custom signs are available upon request.

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