MUTCD LED border enhanced pedestrian traffic warning signs

LED Enhanced Signage

Our MUTCD LED border-enhanced pedestrian traffic warning signs offer an easy, economical way to create safer environments for pedestrians and motorists. LED signage reinforces existing traffic control and pedestrian warning measures without the need to install additional beacons or expensive over-hanging equipment.

Eight bars containing 96 high-intensity flashing amber light emitting diodes—more lights than any other LED enhanced sign of its kind—warn motorists in real-time of pedestrian activity at crosswalks, school zones, trails, campuses, and parking structures.

Our highly visible LED signs are also used at warehouses to warn pedestrian of heavy equipment traffic, and at STOP signs where additional warning measures are needed.


36″ x 36″ solar school crossing sign system w/braille push buttons, National City, CA

LED signs can be used in conjunction with in-roadway warning lights at crosswalks, or as stand-alone systems and conform to MUTCD national highway sign standards.

LED signs activate via push button, automatic activation bollard, Remote Activation Device (RAD), or other 12 VDC relay methods.

Available in standard 30″, 36″, or 48″ sizes. Custom signs are available upon request.

LED signs are ideal for use at:

LightGuard Systems’ Standard LED Signs:

Pedestrian (W11-2) Crossing Sign – MUTCD standard. Typically installed with A/W11-2B down pointing arrow sign.
LightGuard Systems LGS W11-2-B-30 & 60 Ped Sign Product Spec

School (S1-1) Crossing Sign – MUTCD standard
LightGuard Systems LGS S1-1-B-30 School Crossing Sign Product Spec

Stop Sign (30″Octagon)
LightGuard Systems LGS R1-1-B Stop Sign Product Spec

Custom LED Enhanced Signs Series ... More