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IRWL Roadway Layout Tips & Diagrams

When positioning the IRWL light fixtures, great care must be taken to observe traffic flow patterns. The goal is to not position the IRWLs directly underneath wheel paths. Vehicle tires should straddle the IRWLs, not drive directly over them. General placement tips are below.


  1. Place IRWLs at the edges of the roadway to define the shoulders
  2. Next, place IRWLs on the center line for a 2-Lane 2-Way crosswalk
  3. For crosswalks with a center turn lane, place IRWLs directly in the center, at mid-point of the lane
  4. For all other remaining traffic lanes, place one IRWL fixture in the center, at mid-point of each travel lane
  5. Aim each light fixture towards approaching motorists, at eye level. The result is a unique position for each IRWL as shown in the below diagrams


To learn more about our factory recommended IRWL placements, refer to the LightGuard Systems Installation and User Manual, and Zone of Convergence

Common 2-Lane and 4-Lane Mid-Block Crosswalk Layouts

All Layouts:

Download All 2-Lane & 4-Lane LightGuard Systems IRWL Layout Diagrams

Individual Layouts:

2-Lane 2-Way Uncontrolled Mid-block Crosswalk2-lane-Layout-600x219-PNG

2-Lane 2-Way Mid-block Crosswalk With Parking Lane2-lane-with-parking-lane-600x262-PNG

2-Lane 1-Way Mid-block Crosswalk2-Ln-One-way-600x267-PNG

2-Lane 2-Way Crosswalk With Center Turn Lane

2-Lane 2-Way Curved Road Crosswalk2-lane-bi-directional-Center-Turn-Ln-600x382-PNG


4-Lane 1-Way Mid-block Crosswalk


4-Lane 2-Way Mid-block Crosswalk4-Lane-600x280-PNG

4-Lane 2-Way Mid-block Crosswalk With Center Median, Dual Zone Controls


4-Lane 2-Way Mid-block Crosswalk With Center Turn Lane4-lane-center-turn-lane-600x253-PNG

4-Lane 2-Way Mid-block Crosswalk With Park-Bike Lane4-Ln-w-parking-lane-600x271-PNG