IRWL Roadway Layout Diagrams -

IRWL Roadway Layout Diagrams

IRWL Roadway Placement Layout Diagrams

LightGuard In-Pavement Signal Module

LightGuard In-Pavement Signal ModuleLightGuard In-Pavement Signal Module





As a general rule when determining IRWL roadway placement at crosswalks, place the first IRWLs at the edges of the road to define the shoulders.

Next, place additional IRWLs in the center of the road either directly on the center lane line, or in the center at mid-point, of the turn lane. For each of the remaining traffic lanes, place one signal head in the center of each travel lane.

IRWLs used at a trail crossing. Proper IRWL placement allows vehicle wheels to straddle the signal heads, NOT drive directly over them.

Be careful to never position IRWLs directly underneath the tires’ wheel path. Vehicle wheels should straddle the IRWLs, NOT directly drive over them inside of a traveling lane.

When positioning the IRWL signal heads, great care must be taken to observe traffic flow patterns. It is essential that each individual signal head is uniquely positioned/rotated towards approaching motorists, at eye level. See Zone of Convergence.

Common 2-Lane and 4-Lane Mid-Block Crosswalk Layouts

All Layouts:

Download All 2-Lane & 4-Lane LightGuard Systems IRWL Layout Diagrams

Individual Layouts:

2-Lane Uncontrolled Mid-block Crosswalk2-lane-Layout-600x219-PNG

2-Lane Mid-block Crosswalk With Parking Lane2-lane-with-parking-lane-600x262-PNG

2-Lane Mid-block One Way Crosswalk2-Ln-One-way-600x267-PNG

2-Lane Crosswalk With Center Turn Lane

2-Lane 2-Way Curved Road Crosswalk2-lane-bi-directional-Center-Turn-Ln-600x382-PNG


4-Lane IRWL Systems Layout Diagrams:

4-Lane One Way Mid-block Crosswalk


4-Lane Mid-block Crosswalk4-Lane-600x280-PNG

4-Lane Mid-block Crosswalk With Center Median, Dual Zone Controls


4-Lane Mid-block Crosswalk With Turn Lane4-lane-center-turn-lane-600x253-PNG

4-Lane Mid-block Crosswalk With Park-Bike Lane4-Ln-w-parking-lane-600x271-PNG