Installation Manual -

Installation Manual

The installation manual contains complete instructions on how to properly install any of our LED signs, in-pavement signal lights, solar powered systems, or any other components related to the installation of IRWL enhanced crosswalk systems.

The Manual is provided in an Adobe PDF download format. For ease of navigation each listed chapter and subsection found in the Manual on the index page is linked.

LightGuard Systems® Installation and User Manual Table of Contents includes:

  1. The LightGuard System and Components
  2. Power System and Components
  3. In-Roadway Warning Signal (IRWL)
  4. Automatic Activation System – Smart Crosswalk
  5. Push Button Activation
  6. LED Enhanced Illuminated Warning Signs
  7. LightGuard Systems Solar Power Option
  8. Trouble Shooting/Maintenance/After Installation
  9. Addendum

LightGuard Systems Installation & User Manual Aug 2016

As an aid to quickly understand proper IRWL system installation procedures, we developed a visual guide.

LightGuard Asphalt IRWL Installation Visual Guide

LightGuard Concrete IRWL Installation Visual Guide