Installation Manual and Visual Guidelines

LightGuard Systems Installation & User Manual

The LightGuard Systems Installation Manual and Visual Guidelines contains complete instructions on how to properly install any of our products including: in-roadway warning lights, LED signs, RRFBs, solar-powered systems, or any other components related to the installation of a LightGuard Systems lighted crosswalk system or component.

Our installation manual is provided in an Adobe PDF download format. For ease of navigation, hyperlinks are provided to all chapters and subsections listed in the index page.

LightGuard Systems Installation & User Manual May 2017

Table of Contents:

  1. The LightGuard System and Components
  2. Power System and Components
  3. In-Roadway Warning Light (IRWL)
  4. Automatic Activation System – Smart Crosswalk™
  5. Push Button Activation
  6. LED Enhanced Illuminated Warning Signs
  7. LightGuard Systems Solar Power Option
  8. Trouble Shooting/Maintenance/After Installation
  9. Addendum


Installation Manual – Visual Guides

The following Visual Guides are available to better understand proper IRWL system installation procedures:

LightGuard Systems Asphalt IRWL Installation Visual Guide

LightGuard Systems Concrete IRWL Installation Visual Guide


9X Red LED LightStar™ in-roadway warning light with 14″ Steel Snow Plow Blade Resistant base plate.


Completing the installation.

9X LED LightStar™ in-roadway warning lights being installed into the roadway. The recommended placement is in-between the traffic wheel path under the center of the vehicle.


Completed installation.

Completed installation of 9X LED LightStar™ in-roadway warning lights