Hotels - LightGuard Systems


Smart Crosswalk lighted crosswalks can be custom designed for use at hotel entrances, parking areas and on-property crosswalks that are subject to conflict between pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

Using the most effective combination of in-pavement flashing lights, stand-alone active warning signs, or radar-activated advance warning signs, lighted crosswalks enhance the safety of crossing pedestrians by alerting drivers in advance of their presence inside or waiting to cross at a crosswalk. Systems can be automatically or passively activated by the pedestrian with push button, bollard and radar devices. Solar wireless activation is available with both our sign systems and RRFB product lines.

In some cases, it is desirable for the in-roadway warning lights or sign systems to be activated by vehicular traffic. The system would then alert the pedestrian of an approaching vehicle. This feature is useful at locations where vehicles are leaving a garage with blind areas obscuring pedestrians approaching the exit. Other circumstances can be just the opposite where pedestrians are unaware of vehicle either inside the garage or exiting the facility can be dangerous.

Marco Island Marriott Beach Resort, Florida. This site is a 10 system installation with in-roadway warning lights, bollards (pictured) and LED Signs.