Customer Testimonials - LightGuard Systems

Customer Testimonials

County of Sonoma — Transportation & Public Works

City of Alamogordo, NM

“The LightGuard crosswalk systems are very effective at making a safer crosswalk for our pedestrians.”

— Dr. Cheri Jimeno, President, NMSU

City of Hollister, California

“LightGuard has proven to be the best product for the City and we will only accept these products in City streets. We currently have two installations and will be retrofitting a third with this product. The two installations are at Monterey and Fourth St. and a solar powered installation at Nash and Monterey. The third will be on Sunset Drive at the hospital entrance and will replace another company’s installation that has failed. This will insure that we will stock only one manufacturer’s replacement parts.”

—David Rubric P.E., P.L.S., Interim Engineering Manager/City   Engineer

Dallas Love Field Airport, Texas

“Since we installed the LightGuard Systems in-roadway warning lights and LED signs at  pedestrian crossings, we’ve seen an increase in motorist yielding and a positive effect in the overall safety of our travelers.”

—Jimmy Jackson, Electrical Supervisor, Dallas Love Field Airport

City of Sebastopol, California

“Between 2006 and 2011, the City of Sebastopol installed a total of 13 IRWL LightGuard Systems at various uncontrolled intersections along State Highway 116 in Sebastopol as part of our “Street Smart Sebastopol” program. The program is aimed at improving “walkability” in our downtown areas and reducing the number of traffic and pedestrian crossing accidents downtown, where we have two state highways intersecting.

During construction of the most recent phase (9 intersections) the city received great support from the crew at LightGuard, when we had questions about proper installation and inspections of traffic calming solutions. The city has been highly pleased with the performance of the systems, most of which are now between 2-3 years old. Although there is no specific data to support claims of “safer” streets, city officials can report plenty of anecdotal evidence that these street crossing safety systems have improved the pedestrian experience on this busy highway which also happens to be our Main Street. The public response and feedback have been overwhelmingly positive.   

When the City of Sebastopol applied for the Caltrans Encroachment Permit to install the first of these crossing systems in 2004, they were “non-standard” facilities for state highways, and the City had to work through quite a long process with Caltrans to gain their approval. More recently, the City actually received a call from a Caltrans engineer asking us to share the contract specifications for the LightGuard equipment, so that they could use it in the design of an improvement the State was working on in Marin County.”

— Sue Kelly, City Engineer

City of Alamogordo, NM

“The lights up at NMSUA are doing great. During the day they are very noticeable and by night, wow! They have been very effective for slowing people down and letting them know someone is in the crosswalk. I would and will tell anyone who asks that I would endorse your system that it is very effective in what it was installed for.”

— Larry Garner, Street Superintendent, NMSU


“I was given a great opportunity to speak on behalf of the student’s perspective and opinion on the LightGuard Smart Crosswalk. I feel it has been one of the best contributors to this campus! It is very effective at warning drivers to slow down when they see the amber blinking lights, and it is an even greater benefit when students, faculty, and staff are crossing at night! Every busy school intersection should have one.”

— Sarah Aragon, NMSU Student