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Media Center

Since its inception, LightGuard System®, Inc. has enjoyed national press recognition. In this media center we include press coverage from newspaper and magazine articles, internet on-line press interviews, blog commentary, and national radio coverage by NPR.

• Dateline NBC’s “Dateline Discovery”
• ABC News
• Popular Science Magazine
• 1997 Compendium of Technical Papers for the Institute of Transportation Engineers (ITE)
• “1998 Transportation Award of Merit” from the Metropolitan Transportation Commission,
the transportation authority for the San Francisco Bay Area Region
• San Francisco Chronicle, October 1998; “Pulsing Lights Warn Drivers of Pedestrians”
• Family Circle Magazine, March 1999
• Traffic Technology International ’99/International Review of Advanced Traffic Management
• Emerging Technology, Vol 6, No.2 1999
• Electronics Now, July 1999
• USA Today, August 1999
• Campus Safety Journal, June 2001 “Mean Streets on Campus” See PDF of Article
• Alamogordo Daily News, 1st New Mexico “Smart Crosswalk” June 2009

Early articles about LightGuard System’s installations –