Smart Crosswalk™ Product Design, Layout and Configuration Best Practices Webinar Series


Smart Crosswalk™ | Best Design Practices, Layouts & Configurations Webinar

When designing an effective Smart Crosswalk™ lighted crosswalk system, several important considerations should be taken into account such as: calculating the number and placement of in-roadway warning lights (IRWL) and flashing LED signs; the type of activation method (automatic pedestrian detection bollard or push button); system controller functionality requirements; and power source needs (A/C or solar). LED Sign Systems RRFB’s and other traffic calming devices will also be covered. A 15 minute Q&A session will follow.

Smart Crosswalk™ applications include uncontrolled mid-block crosswalks and public crossings at downtowns, cities, school zones, parks, campuses, parking structures, airports, transit stations and more…

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After 25 years of serving the traffic safety industry, we have learned that no two crosswalks are alike. Let us show you best design practices for incorporating a Smart Crosswalk into your next project.

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