About Us

About Us

Trust LightGuard Systems as your pedestrian safety system partner

When you choose LightGuard Systems® as your pedestrian safety partner, you are joining forces with an industry leader with a proven track record of more than twenty-five years.

We are purpose-driven by the pursuit of preventing injury and saving lives through technology and strive to improve pedestrian and cyclist walkability and safety in the communities we serve.

We have deep application knowledge and exceptional technical competence. We helped craft and set the in-roadway (embedded) warning light system standards that are in use today by the United States Federal Highway Administration Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD).

Our design team creates elegant, robust, and highly-effective safety solutions for a wide range of applications.

LightGuard Systems® has a global presence with thousands of systems installed in the USA, as well as international sites.


Our Headquarters

We are located at 2292 Airport Boulevard, Santa Rosa, California, fifty miles north of San Francisco. LightGuard Systems®, Inc. is a privately held California corporation and was incorporated in 1994.
Corporate office

For over 20 years, operations, research, development and marketing have been located at this site. At this site, we also have assembling, testing, documentation, inventory and shipping departments. We are proud that the manufacturing of most system components takes place locally and are Made in America.

School Children Crossing with Guard

We provide solutions for safer pedestrian crossings with our complete line of lighted crosswalk systems, LED signs and pedestrian control equipment. Our products are ideal for schools, colleges/university campuses, parking garage complexes, shopping mall parking areas, and commercial facilities.


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