LightGuard Systems lighted crosswalks booklets, pricing and brochures

Brochures & Advocacy Tools


Smart Crosswalk™ Selection Guide — This guide introduces you to our in-roadway warning light, RRFB, and flashing LED warning sign systems with equipment selection options.


Pedestrian Safety Solutions & Pricing — This flyer describes our lighted crosswalks with starting prices for 2-Lane, A/C (hardwired), push button systems.

(Prices based on 50/50 terms, excluding shipping & taxes. Costs vary depending on components selected. Request a price quote.)

Lighted Crosswalk Product MatrixLightGuard lighted crosswalk product matrix — This flyer helps to determine which of our lighted crosswalks is right for your installation location based on number of lanes, posted vehicle speeds, and power source.


Petition Toolkit — How to Get a Smart Crosswalk — Want a lighted crosswalk in your neighborhood but don’t know where to start? This step-by-step toolkit offers tips on how to gather information and approach your city officials.


Walkability Checklist — A checklist for evaluating neighborhood and community walkability and pedestrian safety, including resource tools and funding sources.


Pedestrian Safety Resources

Federal Highway Administration, Pedestrian and Bicycle Safety Team Office Of Safety, Washington, DC

National Highway Traffic Safety Administration, Traffic Safety Programs Washington, DC

Walking Information

Pedestrian and Bicycle Information Center (PBIC), UNC Highway Safety Research Center, Chapel Hill, NC

National Center for Safe Routes to School, Chapel Hill, NC

State Bicycle & Pedestrian Coordinators

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