14" Steel Case-Hardened Snow Plow Blade Resistant IRWL Base Plate

14″ Steel Case-Hardened Snow Plow Base Plate

LightGuard Systems LGS-CHS-14 Steel Base Plate Product Spec

LightGuard Systems LGS-CHS-14-USA Made in the US Steel Base Plate Product Spec

14" steel snow plow blade resistant base plate

The 14″ steel snow plow blade resistant base plate has a depth of 1 1/2 inches.

Made from high strength case-hardened steel with two outer coats of corrosion resistant steel primer, our 30 lb. 14″ snow plow blade resistant base plate is the most durable base plate on the market.

Virtually indestructible, it is the ideal solution for snowy regions where snow removal equipment is used on the roadway.

The 14″ snow plow blade resistant base plate is used to secure and protect our 9X LED LightStar™ IRWL light fixture.

The 14″ steel snow plow base plate features two wing tips and a nose bridge. When the snow plow blade strikes the base plate, the blade is lifted up and over the top of the signal head module.

Debris Free Self Clearing™ design features parallel fluted slots on either side of the center nose bridge which help prevent road debris build up that could block the light fixture LED lens. This feature reduces maintenance requirements and extends product life.

The steel base plate can be installed into asphalt or concrete. The shallow depth ensures that the road subsurface is not compromised. The top outer edge of the base plate is flush with the road surface with the light fixture projecting 1/2″ above grade.

9X Red LED LightStar™ in-roadway warning light with 14″ steel base plate


Two part epoxy compound is used to permanently to embed the 14″ steel case-hardened snow plow base plate into the roadway. The base plate can be installed into asphalt or concrete.

The in-roadway warning light system cable conductors are also embedded into the road via direct burial or in conduit. The base plate interior cavity is designed to contain all the electrical wiring for a signal head module. An elastomer O ring is placed between the signal head and the base plate and helps to create a seal.

During manufacturing, four rust proof brass threaded screw receptacles are inserted into the bottom side of the base plate. This feature prevents the mounting screws from being pulled out of the base plate. The signal head is fastened to the base plate with stainless steel socket head 1/4″-20 screws with thread lock, and anti-seize compound is applied to the brass threads in the factory.

Snow plow blade resistant base plates after snow plow activity

Embedded LED lights after snow plow activity

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