10" Standard Composite IRWL Base Plate -

10″ Standard Composite In-Roadway Warning Light Base Plate

LightGuard Systems® Inc. Part Number: LGS-SD10-C

See PDF of LightGuard Standard 10″Base Plate

Base plates protect and house the IRWLs—and are purposefully designed for their durability and resistance. Our 10” x 1.5” standard base plate is made of ultra-high strength, high impact fiber reinforced thermoplastic polymer composite material. It is durably designed to be permanently embedded into the roadway.


  •   Secures to roadway
  •   Easily installs into pavement
  •   Maintenance free operation
  •   Simple electrical connections
  •   Debris Free™ Self Clearing design
  •   Adaptable to tamper resistant hardware
  •   High strength impact resistant composite

Our Debris Free™ Self Clearing design features fluted air channels. As tires pass over the base plate, the fluted air channels push air up and away — keeping the LED signal head free from debris build up.

The slight elevation of the IRWL signal head positioned above the road grade is further intended to help alleviate any blockage by debris.

Dimensions: 10″ diameter by 1 1/2″ deep. The shallow depth ensures that the subsurface roadbed is not compromised. The base plate is compatible with our 9X LightStar™ signal head module.


Two part epoxy compound is used to permanently to embed the base plate into the roadway. The base plate can be installed into asphalt or concrete.

The in-roadway warning light system cable conductors are also embedded into the road via direct burial or in conduit. The base plate interior cavity is designed to contain all the electrical wiring for a signal head module. An elastomer O ring is placed between the signal head and the base plate and helps to create a seal.

During manufacturing, four rust proof brass threaded screw receptacles are inserted into the bottom side of the base plate. This feature prevents the mounting screws from being pulled out of the base plate. The signal head is fastened to the base plate with stainless steel socket head 1/4″-20 screws with thread lock, and anti-seize compound is applied to the brass threads in the factory.