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When the pedestrian isn’t clearly visible…

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…the LightGuard System® is.


To reduce needless crosswalk accident, injury and death caused by driver inattention or limited visibility conditions.

The System

The In-Roadway Warning Light (IRWL) crosswalk lighting system which we call the Smart Crosswalk, is a crosswalk lighting system. It is designed to alert approaching motorists to the presence of a pedestrian at a street crossing, thereby establishing strong street crossing safety. LightGuard® Systems ensures pedestrian safety with embedded in-pavement signal lights and dependable yellow flashing warning signs. These crosswalk safety devices significantly lower chances of pedestrian crossing accidents. These types of safety solutions create a strong foundation for pedestrian and school crossing safety guidelines.

A number of in-pavement signal lights are placed across a roadway in front of crosswalk lines. The lights are activated before entering the crosswalk by the pedestrian either by manual push button or automatic sensor activation. Once activated, the flashing lights are aimed towards approaching drivers and warn that the crosswalk zone is occupied.

Time to get out of dark ages -

Manual on Uniform Traffic Control Devices (MUTCD)

Beginning in 1994 numerous stringent third party studies and testing procedures using LightGuard System Inc.® technology successfully culminated in the acceptance of IRWL enhanced crosswalk lighting system into the Federal Highway Administration MUTCD. The Millennium 2000 edition incorporated IRWL enhanced crosswalk systems into Section 4L, and they have been adopted as a standard across the United States.

United States Utility Patent Position

Michael A. Harrison, CEO of LightGuard Systems Inc.®, invented IRWL enhanced crosswalk lighting system in 1992. In 1993 we received the Federal Highway Administration’s authorization to experiment and in 1994 incorporated the company. In May of 2002 LightGuard Smart Crosswalk™ System received U.S. Utility Patent #6,384,742 B1 for a “system of lights that are embedded in the roadway at crosswalks.” We also hold two additional in-pavement signal lights patents for railroad crossings and signalized traffic intersections.