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TraxAlert RR Grade Crossing Safety System
Enhancing railroad-grade crossings with the TraxAlert™ product, our in-pavement signaling warning light system, will greatly improve highway/railroad grade crossing safety. According to the US Department Of Transportation, there are 240,528 at-grade highway-rail crossings in the United States. Even with gates and signal lights, nearly 50% of vehicle-train collisions occur at crossings with these types active warning devices.

The Signaling System

Red and amber LED in-roadway warning lights (IRWL) are embedded across the roadway in front of the railroad tracks. The amber IRWL are located at the stop bar line. This defines where to stop providing safe buffer zone.

The signal heads flash upon train activation. First the red IRWL flash in a quick strobe pattern, then stay solid on until the train clears the track crossing zone. The amber IRWL contiW47 Crossbuck Signnually flash for the duration.

Optional LED enhanced W10 cross-buck railroad signs are simultaneously activated.

The system can be a stand alone product. Typically they are used in conjunction with pre-existing railroad grade crossing systems such as gate arms and beacons.

U.S. Utility Patent Number 6,683,540 B1 January 2004

These devices are an effective system reducing accidents that occur on a regular basis at railroad crossings across the country. If railroad-crossing gates are utilized, the TraxAlert™ system can be synchronized and used in conjunction with the gate lowering.