Snow Plow Blade Resistant Base Plate -


LightGuard Systems® Inc.Part Number: LGS-CHS-14

See PDF of LightGuard Steel Snow Plow Base Plate14" steel snow plow blade resistant base plate

The base plate is made from  case hardened steel. The dimensions are 14″ diameter x 1 1/2″ depth.

In those area subject to snow removal equipment, the snow plow blade resistant base plate is used to secure and protect the signal head module.

The base plate is designed with two wing tips and a nose bridge. When the snow plow blade strikes the base plate, the blade is lifted  up and over the top of the signal head module.

Note the parallel fluted slots on either side of the center nose bridge. This innovative feature is our “Debris Free Self Clearing™” design which prevents road debris build up that could block the signal head LED lens.  This feature reduces maintenance requirements.

The steel base plate can be installed into asphalt or concrete. Two-part epoxy compound is used to permanently bond the base plate into the road.

The shallow depth ensures that the road subsurface is not compromised. The top outer edge of the base plate is flush with the road surface with the signal head projecting 1/2″ above grade.