Flashing LED Warning Signs and Sign Systems

Flashing LED Warning Signs & Sign Systems

Our Flashing LED Warning Signs and Sign Systems complement our Smart Crosswalk™ in-roadway warning light system, and can also be used as stand alone systems.

They offer and additional level of safety by reinforcing existing traffic control measures (see Figure 10). They provide advance and/or additional warning to approaching motorists when the Smart Crosswalk flashing LED light system is activated.

A typical Smart Crosswalk™ configuration includes LED signs on both sides of the street either adjacent to or in advance of crosswalk. For enhanced visibility and depending on the street configuration, back-to-back signs is also an option (for a total of four signs).

Visible in bright sunlight, nighttime and inclement weather conditions, LED signs alert motorists’ to potential hazards or changing road conditions.

LED signs are available in a variety of standard sizes (30″, 36”, and 48”), as well as customized sizes. All LightGuard’s signs can be powered via A/C and/or solar power sources.

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