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Parking Garages

Many times there are areas in a parking garage where the clear view of pedestrians entering into the garage is obscured. Walking out of a elevator, coming through a doorway, or walking in front of a garage exit can unexpectedly expose the pedestrian to vehicle traffic.

Smart Crosswalk™ at Airport Departure Terminal


Pittsburgh International Airport Departure Terminal

College, Hotel, and Hospital Campuses

We design custom applications for use at campus & facility applications such as at colleges, universities,  and  hospital campus where various traffic crossings are subject to conflict between pedestrian and vehicular traffic.

These systems can be customized with any combination of in-pavement flashing lights, stand-alone active warning signs, or radar activated advance warning signs to enhance the safety of crossing pedestrians.

Our IRWL system alerts the motorist to the approach or presence of the pedestrian in these enclosed spaces. The system can be pedestrian activated with either automatic or manual activation devices.

In some cases, it is desirable for the IRWL or Warning Sign™ system to be activated by vehicular traffic. The system would then alert the pedestrian of an approaching vehicle.This feature is useful at locations where vehicles are leaving a garage with blind areas obscuring pedestrians approaching the exit. Other circumstances can be just the opposite where pedestrians are unaware of vehicle either inside the garage or exiting the facility can be dangerous.

Commercial and Industrial Facilities

The Smart Crosswalk™ system is particularly effective at commercial facilities where at certain times of the day, such as shift changes, there is a large number of pedestrian activity coupled with increased vehicular movement.Custom Sign - Automatic Vehicle Crossing

There have been a number of unusual application of our products in industrial facilities. For example, a mining company in New Mexico has a series of underground rail lines and needed to better regulate rail car speeds. They set up our Remote Activation Device (RAD) which uses infrared light beam technology to sense when a rail car passed. A flashing warning sign several hundred feet down the track then began flashing to alert the conductors of a dangerous section of track.

At another location in Tyler, Texas we have one of out most unusual IRWL system application. They have fork lift traffic that carries molten steel crossing a facility road. They set up an ActiveWarning™ sign/IRWL system to alert approaching  car/truck traffic when the forklifts were approaching.